Resources are dwindling, prices are soaring; but why should businesses bother?

Given the Earth's dwindling finite resources companies are facing more financial, environmental and reputational pressures than ever.  But with the dust of the recession barely settled and boardrooms awash with pressing issues, just how important is sustainability to core business and how much weight can the sustainability champion bring to bear on their company's reputation, stakeholder confidence and ultimately bottom line? 

Join this webinar where our experts will be debating the call for technology-enabled change in corporations' approaches to sustainability:

- Setting the scene; what is the future outlook for resource cost and availability and what does this mean for corporations?

- How does your sustainability measure up against other companies in your sector? From resource usage to energy output, gain precise insights into how efficient you are

- More than just a box-ticking exercise: Embed a sustainability model tailored to your business which effectively manages resources, delivers savings and reliable information to reassure investors, empower employees and improve the bottom line


David Metcalfe


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Jack Cunningham

Head of Climate Change & Environment, Sainsbury's

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Sonny Masero

CA Technologies

I have worked as a Managing Director, as a Regional GM, as a leader in an enterprise sales team and partner channel team, and as the Founding Director of a Sustainability Charity. As a leader and manager in business development, sales, strategy an.. Read more