Practically Driving Behavioural Change To Reduce Your Energy Usage

Join this interactive, live webinar to hear how RSA reduced their UK carbon by 1 tonne per employee and their UK electricity consumption by 20%. Tune in also to:

- From business travel to computer use, gain holistic insights into where staff are ramping up your carbon footprint and energy bills

- Implement a clear and realistic energy management programme from the top down to boost individual staff responsibility 

- Gain invaluable metrics to focus your efforts and evolve your workforce strategy to continually generate maximum energy efficiency


Michael Capper

Product Development Manager, EDF Energy

Michael is the Product Development manager at EDF. He helps drive product development through the online channels, he launched EDF Energy's 'Energy View' product in 2008, and works on the organisations online monitoring and targeting tool.

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Nick Schoon

Editor, ENDS

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Paul Pritchard

Partner, Sandwalk

Paul Pritchard started his carrer at RSA as UK Head of Corporate Responsibility and now works for his own venture, Sandwalk. Sandwalk is a partnership set up bet.. Read more