Demand response risk vs. reward: the REAL story

Whilst there is growing awareness of Demand Response activities in the energy sector, there is still uncertainty regarding the rewards and the potential risks associated with this programme. 

In our next live ENDS webinar we will be revealing the facts behind Demand Response and the role it can play in enabling energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Tune in for answers to key questions such as:

-What is Demand Response all about, who’s involved and can it help you to meet energy and climate change requirements?

-What are the risks of doing demand response activities and how can you tackle them?

-What are the financial rewards and do these outweigh the risks?

-What does the future hold? How can new technologies and policies help the energy sector move towards a more sustainable and smarter grid?


Ian Walker

Element Energy Director

Ian is the Element Energy Director and he specialises in renewable energy

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Louise Hall

Energy Manager, Asda

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Michael Capper

Product Development Manager, EDF Energy

Michael is the Product Development manager at EDF. He helps drive product development through the online channels, he launched EDF Energy's 'Energy View' product in 2008, and works on the organisations online monitoring and targeting tool.

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